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Coffee machines

Hot beverages consist of up to 98% water—no doubt that this ingredient plays a vital role during preparation. Water quality may vary by region. For example, if the composition of minerals contained in the water is not balanced, the aroma cannot fully develop. Water quality is of central importance for the machines as well. Using a BRITA water filter prevents the scale deposits building up in your machine which can lead to breakdowns and limited efficiency.

Products: We offer filters with capacity from 960 to 13187 litres.

Combination Ovens and Steamers

Combination Ovens and Steamers in professional kitchens are high-investment, high-performance appliances that are used daily. Not only do they have to pay for themselves, they ultimately have to be profitable as well. They must run reliably on a daily basis. At the end of the day, every machine failure costs money. However also limescale can cause problems, as it can form inside the oven, as well as on heating rods and sensitive machine components. This causes the machine to wear much more quickly. Baking and cooking programmes can no longer run as planned, The oven must be cleaned extensively. More energy is required to reach the required temperatures.

Products: Brita filters with capacity of 660 – 10800 litres.

Brita accessories

To ensure the correct settings and timely filter exchange, we offer water meters, hardness testers, service cartridges, electric conductivity measuring instrument etc.

Vending machines

Do you wish to offer you customers hot drinks of the best quality and at the same time protect your machine from lime scale? Optimize the amount of minerals in the water by using a Brita Professional water filter.

Products: We offer filters with capacity from 960 to 13187 litres.

Dish washers

Minerals that can lead to deposits when combined with hot water are generally responsible for machine failure or damage and for marks and streaks on the dishes. They also cause glass and fine china to look dull and unsightly, literally rubbing down patterns. And if limescale builds up on machine components, the machine suffers damage too. This means that increased amounts of detergent and rinse aid are required, and ultimately the machine uses more energy.

Products: We have filters with capacity of 5000-12000 litres.

Cold water dispensers

Processing of untreated water plays a decisive role for cold drink dispensers. Unwanted tastes and odours should be removed in the same way as are tiny particles. This results in cool, crystal clear and refreshing water.

Products: Our active carbon filters offer the capacity of up to 12000 litres.

You can find videos on using BRITA Professional products here.
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